Friday, December 08, 2006

S = r * t

In his joint press conference with Tony Blair yesterday, President Bush was asked whether he was capable of admitting his past failures with regard to the Iraq war. In response he stated "I do know that we have not succeeded as fast as we wanted to succeed," and went on to say "I thought we would succeed quicker than we did, and I am disappointed by the pace of success."

Brilliant! Sheer genius! I tip my hat to the master of rhetoric behind these words! By applying this approach to my problems and those of the people in my life, I am able to see the world in a much more positive light. For example:
  • I am disappointed by the pace at which I am winning the powerball lottery.
  • I have not succeeded as fast I had hoped in convincing my wife that twice-daily blowjobs are necessary for our mutual happiness.
  • My nephew who dropped out of high school and is now dealing crystal meth? We are all disappointed by the rate at which he is finishing his doctoral dissertation.
  • My plan to grow wings and antlers is slightly behind schedule.
There now, I feel better already!


Zeno said...

I sure that in his great wisdom, Bush is well aware that you cannot win a lottery unless you play. In fact, this is probably the best justification he has available for his war of choice in Iraq.

Sad, isn't it?

airth10 said...

Nicely put, about the slow pace of success.

Sometimes, though, it is worth being patient with success because of the eventual outcome. It took the West about two thousand years to be successful at democracy. But democracy being a success in the Islamic world, I don't know if that is possible, especially if they insist on mixing religion with it.

As prime minister Blair started off as a success. But now he is not so successful. The pace of his decline has disappointed me. I want him to go now. Same with Bush. It took much longer than I thought for people to realize that Bush was screwing things up and that he is inept.

I am also disappointed at the slow pace of his impeachment. IMPEACH BUSH NOW!