Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Alter Ego Roundup #1

This is My Alter Ego. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Here are some others that are not mine . . .

"With a dark brilliant colour, the nose offers a fruity aroma mingled with floral and peppery notes."

Alter Ego: The Game

"It is the music that stands in the middle for all that Alter Ego Distort radiates."

"She's part green cat, part... winged... creature... thing. She's got cool purple hair and a funky hat and a scar on her right eye. She basically is Skye's eternal torment, like Luna, and she does it oh so well. And as you can see, she's armed with the Frying Pan of Doom from Random Object Space, probably to smack Skye or me over the back of the head. I'm betting it's Skye."

"You've all seen those marriage cliques, right? The celeb you'd marry, the character you'd marry? Well, this is the same idea, only this is for the character you'd like to be."

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