Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sweet Memories

Remember that time we went down to Florida? And we stole an airboat and headed off into the Everglades? And we saw Barack Obama there, walking on the water, whistling the theme from "Superman: The Movie" to himself, and we asked him "Barack! What are you doing here all by yourself in the Everglades?" and he said "I'm whistling," and I said, "Damn, Barack, you sure can whistle!" and he said, "Thanks, MAE," only he didn't call me MAE, he called me by that special secret nickname that only he calls me by, and then he went on whistling, and then a crocodile jumped out of the water and tried to eat him, but it only managed to bite off one foot, and Barack Obama acted like he didn't even notice, and he went right on hopping across the water, still whistling, without missing a note, hopping one-legged into the rain? That sure was a swell trip, wasn't it?

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