Sunday, February 26, 2006

Good thing ogged isn't around to see this.

Or maybe he is. Ogged, on the off chance you come across this, don't click on the link below. And anyone else who would be utterly disgusted or otherwise offended by an extremely explicit movie clip of bare-assed women farting in the faces of other women, I likewise warn you away from clicking on the link, because it really is disgusting and offensive. But it is comedy gold. If nothing else, the internet is surely a testament to the infinite variety of the bizarre things that people get off on.

But enough yakking, already. Here's the link. Very, very much NOT work-safe. (I can't believe I'm posting this. This is a new low for me.)

Via. (Click if you would like to see a still image from the video to see what you're in for.)

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