Friday, October 06, 2006

Now available without a prescription.

When the time comes to do a rigorous scientifc study of this new cure for hiccups, what will they use as a placebo?

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Anonymous said...

On 12/24/06, I was working at a physical rehab hospital and one of my patients was 11 days post-op with a surgical hip repair. He had also had hiccups and no bowel movement for the same amount of time. He was cranky, in pain and unable to sleep because of the hiccups. My goal that evening was bowel care. I did digital rectal check, suppository and enema. After one episode, my patient said, "Listen. My hiccups are gone." They returned later that night but were milder and of short duration before they were gone for good. I researched hiccup cures and found the paper from Israel. The patient's wife called it their Christmas miracle. I inadvertently found a cure for persistent hiccups and it worked for this very grateful man.