Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Otocolobus-blogging

Today we bring you Otocolobus manul, the Pallas' Cat, or, as the Ego and I prefer to call him, the Manul.

(Last two images via some Russian site.)


Anonymous said...

There were a number of these kitties at a predator ecology exhibit in a zoo in Chicago. While doing some research there I found that these cats were fed Purina Cat Chow. Their behavior, although they always look annoyed, was very similar to domesticated cats. One exception was that when you look for them you have to search up, on high cliffs.

My Alter Ego said...

I guess it makes sense that the nutritional needs of these more exotic kitties wouldn't be all that different than those of their domesticated cousins.
I envy your having seen them, whoever you are. Although I've never actually seen any manuls in person, so to speak, I've been somewhat fascinated with them ever since I saw a picture of one in a 1932 Encyclopaedia Brittanica.